About / Certifications

I’m a Technical Support Engineer working for Corbel based in Ipswich. I have over 6 and a half years of professional experience in addition to having a lifelong interest in computers.

Ever since I first got my hands on a computer at school using the famous BBC Micro computers and Acorns, I knew that I wanted a career involving computers. So over the next few years that followed I got stuck in learning as much about computers and IT as I could, including completing 5 years worth of courses at Suffolk New College which led on to doing voluntary work with Suffolk Constabulary.

April 2013 marked the real start of my exciting IT career which saw me join Corbel as an apprentice and working my way up to earn a full-time position as Technical Consultant. So I can definitely vouch for apprenticeships and how worthwhile they can be if you have the willingness to learn and the drive to succeed.


I am a multi-certified IT professional with a wealth of experience. I have successfully passed multiple certifications to demonstrate my knowledge using and implementing various solutions.


Being the major vendor for the majority of on-premise and cloud solutions Microsoft is where most of my focus has been so far. Achieving certifications covering Exchange, Windows 10 and Office 365 (which also including identity management).


RingCentral provide communications in the cloud whether that be voice, video or chat.

RingCentral Communications Expert (RCCE) (December 2018)

RingCentral Communications Professional (RCCP) (September 2018)


3CX are a major provider of telephony services. Whether that be a PBX on-premise or hosted in the cloud.

3CX v15 Certified Engineer (May 2018)

This certification exam demonstrates the ability to install and configure a 3CX phone system on-premise.

Other Certifications

Here I’ve listed exams which are one-off certifications or exams that don’t really justify their own category but at the same time still are worth mentioning.

LOGICnow MAX RemoteManagement Certified Technician (September 2016)

This certification demonstrates proficiency in using the Remote Management system formerly owned by GFI and LOGICNow but is now owned by Solarwinds.

Intermediate Level Apprenticeship in IT Application Specialist (September 2015)

This certification was awarded after my successful completion of the IT Application Specialist apprenticeship at Corbel.